Friday, April 6, 2007

Kansas State Deserves What They Got


Bobby Huggins is leaving Kansas State for West Virginia.  Ha!

K-State had to know this was coming.  Huggins was controversially dumped at Cincinnati, took a season off, then came back onto the scene at Kansas State.  Of course, it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Huggy Bear was to stroll off to a better job if any came along. 

West Virginia did.

West Virginia is a good job for Huggins.  First off, it's his alma mater, so you can't fault him for jumping at that.  Also, it is in the Big East Conference which is more basketball friendly than the Big XII [though that conference is great at hoops].  Plus, he can go up against Cincinnati a few times in the future.  It is a good spot for Huggins to be in.

So why is K-State mad?  They must have believed that Huggins was buying into the school and was set to start something big in Manhattan.  He had his team on the NCAA tournament bubble and was bringing in one of the best recruiting classes in the nation.  Many were dreaming of the day when the Kansas-Kansas State game would matter to anyone outside of, well, Kansas State.  But the bigger, better deal came along ... and Huggs jumped ship.  They feel spurned.  Still, they should've known better.

Oh, Huggins is wrong as well.  He proved his loyalty to the school that brought him in by jumping at the first chance out of town.  Sure, it was a place that he really wanted to go.  Just as Billy Donovan could've done at Florida, but didn't.   However, you knew that Huggins wasn't going to stay at K-State, didn't you?

Also, I hope that for some reason Michael Beasley can't follow Huggins to West Virginia.  Screw him.  Beasley first committed to UNC-Charlotte before dumping them when Huggins hired away the coach that brought Beasley in.  Now Beasley gets to feel the same thing that Charlotte fans felt when Beasley reniged on a promise.  Same goes to Bill Walker, who was to follow Huggins no matter where he went.  Walker began his colleigate career at Kansas State early for Huggins [and was quickly injured] so Walker must sit out if he wants to take his act somewheres else.  I mean, these big time recruits weren't coming to Kansas State for either the school or the basketball tradition, were they?

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georgecoztanza said...

I agree that this was a buyer beware situation to a certain degree, but this school made gave this disgraced coach a chance when nobody else would. I don't care who they were dealing with. Huggins owed them more than one year for the second chance they gave him.