Thursday, March 8, 2007

Why Won't You Kill Me!!

This has nothing to do with sports, but to me is a bit funny.   A dude on North Carolina's death row is wondering why it's taking so long to kill him. 


N.C. inmate upset about delay in execution 'Why do they have a problem?' ESTES THOMPSON Associated Press Writer
Allen Holman


A convicted killer on North Carolina's death row who fired his lawyers and wants to die said Thursday he's frustrated a dispute over the role doctors should play in executions will keep the state from putting him to death as scheduled.

Allen Holman's execution is one of several on hold in North Carolina, where the state medical board has threatened to punish any doctor who takes part in an execution.

"Why do they have a problem? They perform abortions, murder babies all the time," Holman told The Associated Press in an interview at the state's Central Prison. "They all of a sudden got conscience about their Hippocratic oath."

While state law only requires a doctor be present, a federal judge allowed an execution to go forward last year only after authorities said a doctor would monitor the inmate to ensure he didn't feel pain as officials injected him with a combination of three deadly chemicals.

In January, the medical board responded by declaringthat any doctor who participates in an execution violates medical ethics and risks sanction. The resulting conflict has effectively imposed a moratorium in capital punishment in the state.

Holman, 47, has declined further appeals since the state Supreme Court affirmed his conviction and death sentence for the 1997 murder of his estranged wife, Linda, who was gunned down after a car chase in Wake County.

He fired his attorneys last year, but they filed a motion last week anyway asking a judge to place his execution - set for 2 a.m. Friday - on hold. Had the legal process moved faster, Holman said Thursday, he would have been executed already and not caught up in the current dispute.

Holman said he didn't understand why a doctor needed to be present at his execution, saying a nurse or someone else with proper training could insert the needle used to deliver the lethal drugs.

He also said the state could streamline its system of putting inmates to death. Instead of using the combination of three chemicals to deaden pain, paralyze the body and cause a fatal heart attack, he said the state should use a massive dose of single, fatal drug.

"I can't think of any more humane way for them to perform an execution," he said.

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