Sunday, December 3, 2006

Sanity Reigns: It's Ohio State v Florida

The BCS announcement has come and gone with nothing really surprising.  The BCS Show was about as exciting and thrilling as having a seeding show for, say, the NHL playoffs.  You're just not the NCAA Tournament show, guys.

BCS BOWL: OHIO STATE v FLORIDA:  This is the game that should be for the championship [wanna know why I feel that way....just look below].  Florida navigated thru the best conference in the nation with one loss and the Buckeyes are the undisputed #1 team across the board. 

ROSE BOWL:  MICHIGAN v USC:  The typical Pac-10/Big 10 matchup stays intact wtih both teams pining that they aren't in the national championship game.  This will be a great game that's set in a perfect place for such a match-up.  Still, we all are going to have to deal with the Wolverines whining that they don't get a 2nd chance to play Ohio State again. 

ORANGE BOWL:  WAKE FOREST v LOUISVILLE:  Two schools who are loving being in a BCS game.  Louisville always felt they'd be here...but Wake Forest?  This probably goes under the "the only reason people are watching because there is nothing else on".

SUGAR BOWL:  LSU v NOTRE DAME:  The sad thing is this is probably the biggest mismatch of them all.  Notre Dame has done nothing to deserve a BCS bid....except draw fans well.  Then they get LSU who is could win the title if there was a playoff and are at nearby New Orleans.  The Irish enter the game with an 8-game bowl losing streak.

FIESTA BOWL:  OKLAHOMA v BOISE STATE:  One good thing the BCS has done is allow easier access for non-BCS schools to get in.  Boise State uses the new rule to their advantage.  They get Oklahoma who is one the hotter teams in the country despite having a season of bad luck. 

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