Monday, May 16, 2005

Old Dude Wins Survivor


Survivor is over.....and my wife has got it all covered.  Go to Survivor : Palau - Bravenet Web Journal to check out her take on the final episode, as the winner if announced.

Some exerpts: 

"5 hours go by before Katie calls it quits.
I was shocked that ho even made it that long."

"11 hours and 45 minutes in (the longest challenge in Survivor history) Ian comes up with his solution.
He says he will give up, and in return Tom must take Katie to the final two.  This will show Tom and Katie how much Ian cares and he believes it will redeem him for the backstabbing he did.  WTF?!  He stood 12 hours through rain, wind, and pain, then he wants to throw it?!  It's ONE MILLION dollars.  How could you walk away like that, when you're so close?!"

Also, feel free to go back thru her archives to see the goings on in the first months of the show.  Then throw up a take on her "tag board" if you feel saucy.

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