Tuesday, December 21, 2004



Wow. Does the NFC have a chance??

The Philadelphia Eagles….easily the best team in the NFC….has lost Terrell Owens for the season and most likely the entire playoffs. There is an outside shot he could be available for the Super Bowl.

What a blow!

The Eagles have had everything wrapped up for a while now….and they were hosting a Dallas Cowboys team in life support as it was. Yet, everyone played [granted, it was early in the game] and the worst thing imaginable happened. Owens broke his ankle.

As we’ve seen this year, losing a player of TO’s caliber can alter your entire team. Just look what Miami went thru with no Ricky Williams. Heck, just look at the Eagles after Owens left. There were ZERO completions to a wide receiver after TO left in an ugly 12-7 win over those Boys. And this came after the Redskins had every opportunity to take them down last week. Their other WR are average, at best. Todd Pinkston is as unreliable as they come [classic alligator arm complex against the Skins a week ago]. The reason the Eagles so desperately wanted Owens was because of the shape of their receiving corps.

The Eagles still are 13-1...which is good for home field in the playoffs. They have a first round bye….so the next three weeks are absolutely meaningless to the Eagles’ cause. They will play someone, possibly the Seahawks or Rams or one of those 6-8 wildcard teams, in their first playoff game. None of those teams seem to be any threat….but “any given Sunday…” you know.

But, Atlanta, Green Bay, Minnesota or someone else will be at The Linc for the NFC title game. And we all know how Philly has done in the last three title tilts. And the ONE in the 13-1 record came against the Pittsburgh Steelers…the best the AFC has to offer.

Right now, I still feel the Eagles will get to Super Bowl XXIX. They are far and away the best team in the conference. If anyone will give them a run…it will be Atlanta, Green Bay and maybe Carolina. But, I still think they get through. However, I don’t see them beating Pittsburgh, New England, San Diego, Indianapolis or even New York in the Big Game. That would leave only B-more as a possible Super Bowl opponent I’d have them favored…and it doesn’t seem that the Ravens will be making reservations for Jacksonville.

Maybe the Eagles won’t be either.

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