Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stop It With The College Football Playoff Rankings!!!!!

The college football playoff committee is entrusted to pick the new
four team playoff, but why do we need them to pick these teams now?

Every Tuesday, ESPN and the sports world sets aside some time to unveil that week's college football rankings.  The committee who sorts through who will ultimately make the playoffs keeps releasing their "rankings" even though we are a month away from actually having all the information in front of us.  Then ESPN and the rest of college football fans and media can break it all down as if this really was a thing.

It is silly.

Does the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee gather together in January and release their tournament bracket each week even though none of it matters until the actual selection Sunday?  No.  So why do we have to have this weekly update over who is their top four teams to get in ... and why do we need a full Top 25?

I know, I know.  You can scroll down and read my imaginary 12-team playoff race and think I'm a hypocrite.  Sure, there are zillions of bracketology sites for the NCAA Tournament.  But that is just media and fans getting a grip on what could happen.  That, again, isn't the actual tournament committee coming up with their official bracket at the moment so we can gripe about it.

To me, I'd rather the committee didn't do anything until it was actually time to select the four teams.  I mean, does any of this matter right now?  Mississippi State still has to go to Alabama and Ole Miss before the season ends ... and even if they win out they'd still have to face Missouri or Georgia in the SEC title game.  Florida State still has rivalry games against Miami and Florida to wade through before probably playing in the ACC title game against Duke or Georgia Tech.  Oregon still has to face Oregon State and either Arizona State, UCLA or USC in the Pac-12 title game.

Alabama still has Mississippi State and Auburn before, maybe, playing in the SEC title game.  TCU has a cake schedule the rest of the way and won't have to play in a conference title game.  If Bama wins out their slate, they will most assuredly pass TCU for that final postseason berth.  That is, unless Mississippi State can stay in the race.  Heck, TCU could make the playoff and Baylor, who would win the Big 12 conference in a tiebreaker, would not.

It is all conjecture at the moment because there is a ton of football left to play.  A bunch of big games left to sort through.

So why must we have these official rankings each week?  Just wait until the season is over and then announce who the four teams are.  And just like the NCAA Tournament, we can spend that night and the following days debating over whether they got it right.

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