Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Year Especially ... I Don't Care About The NFL Draft

Every year about this time, I make a post or comment about how I don't really get into the NFL Draft.  I don't hate it.  I don't not watch it.  I just don't get into it.  The draft is long winded, tedious and usually boring to me.  From the long time allowed between picks (which has gotten better) to listening to Mel Kiper Jr pine about this guy or that guy to Chris Berman's schtick ... I've checked out of it.

Here is where I talk about maybe being a Redskins fan has led to this.  The Redskins usually deal away picks every year so it is rare that I can even look to the draft for some salvation.  Obviously, the 2012 Draft was different in that regard.  However, the Redskins picked 2nd in the draft (so I didn't have much of a wait) and we knew for months who that pick was going to be (Robert Griffin III).  I couldn't tell you when any of the Redskins picks this year are just because ... well, I'm not that into it.

It isn't that I'm not a draft guy.  I absolutely love the NBA Draft and will watch the entire thing.  It isn't that I'm not an NFL guy because I've been an NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber for 14 years now and whose wife even calls herself a "football widow" during the fall. 

I will look online to see who those Redskins picks were.  I will then search to see who the heck those guys are.  I also check to see where any UNC Tar Heels go.  I search for info about Mr Irrelevant.  I may look at the draft grades and those odd-ball picks.  Or guys I've heard of.

I won't be sitting on my coach locked into the telecast.  I won't be involved in any mock drafts.  I won't treat the NFL Draft as if it was an actual game.

But that's just me.  Again.

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