Sunday, November 11, 2012

NFL: Sportz' Down The Stretch Addition

With nearly everyone with just 7 games remaining in their schedules, we are entering the playoff stretch.  So what has been the good and bad of each division so far?

SURPRISE:  Redskins.
  I know that the Redskins are just 3-6 and are in a funk.  But the way RG3 and Alfred Morris have entered the league has been amazing.  They've been in 5 of the 6 games they lost despite having a horrible defense and a massive pile of injuries.

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Eagles.  It is tough to pick them over the Cowboys, but I had the Eagles as the team to beat in the East.  Now this looks like a franchise that will completely overhaul after the season.

WHO WINS:  Giants.  No one looks great in this division, but New York has done the work and seems to be the most champion-like of the bunch.

SURPRISE: Buccaneers.
  Greg Schiano has this team on some sort of edge.  They have a shot at a playoff berth and are as dangerous as you can be ... especially when you have the Muscle Hamster on your side. 

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Saints.  Now, they seem to be turning this thing around, but I never thought they'd fall as hard out of the gate as they did. 

WHO WINS:  Falcons.  Winning your first 8 games out of the box is awesome for your chances.  The Saints and Bucs will be coming hard for them, but the lead Atlanta enjoys should be too great.

SURPRISE:  Vikings.
  A young QB, a banged up back and a struggling team last year turned into this? 

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Lions.  This team makes no sense.  Every game they look like garbage for 3 quarters ... and then dominate the 4th. 

WHO WINS:  Packers.  The Bears are niiiiiiice, but the Packers are putting it together.  Plus they beat Chicago back when Green Bay wasn't playing that well. 

SURPRISE:  Cardinals.  I expected nothing from this team ... especially when they have no idea who they QB or running back is.  Sure, they've been bad over the last month and a half.  . 

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Seahawks.  Harsh, but for the non-49ers in the division, I thought they'd look better.  They were given a game by the fake refs and I still don't know if they are any good.  When you believe in them, they let me down.

WHO WINS:  49ers.  Of course.  Though either Seattle or Arizona could make it interesting.

SURPRISE:  Dolphins.  A rookie quarterback, new coach and no receivers.  To be in the mix this long defies logic.

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Patriots.  Yes, the Jets are laughable and are disappointing to some, but I didn't think much of New York before the season started.  The Pats should be wrapping this division up by now and have let these lesser thans stick around.

WHO WINS:  Patriots.  Still, New England is by far the top team in this division and should display that at some point.

SURPRISE:  Colts.  Anyone in the world have this team at 6-3 right now?  Anyone?  Anyone?

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Titans.  I guess.  The Jags were looking bad and everyone else is exceeding expectation.  Tennessee gets the nod.

WHO WINS:  Texans.  Best team in the AFC ... unless the Colts can get even better????

SURPRISE:  Ravens.
  This division lacks any surprises ... except that Baltimore is 7-2 despite looking old on defense.

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Bengals.  Not a great disappointment, but Cincinnati doesn't look like the same young studded team they did last year.

WHO WINS:  Steelers.  I like B-more over Pittsburgh, but the Steelers keep winning despite all those injuries.  They have to get healthy at some point soon.

SURPRISE:  Broncos.  I mean this team did win the division last year, but to see Peyton Manning looking like an MVP is very surprising to me.

DISAPPOINTMENT:  Chiefs.  I thought Kansas City would look much more competitive after ending last season on a winning streak.  I guess I was wrong.

WHO WINS:  Broncos.  The Chargers are still right there, but Denver is the better team and they have Peyton.  Everyone else sucks.   

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