Monday, November 7, 2011

Alabama Does Not Deserve A Rematch With LSU

One of the questions I have been asked after LSU's overtime win at Alabama is if the Crimson Tide win out, Stanford and Oklahoma State (and possibly Boise State lose) should they get another shot at LSU in the BCS title game?


No way. No how.

Look, Alabama may indeed be the second-best team in the country. They may be worthy of a shot at the national championship. But they shouldn't get one. Not after what happened last Saturday. It can't happen.

First off, Alabama likely will not win the SEC championship. To me, if you cannot win your conference, you cannot play for a national championship. The reason Bama won't win the SEC title is that they won't even win the SEC West division title. For the Tide to do so, they'd need to win out LSU to lose twice (not likely to happen).

Again, I don't see how a team can be national champions (*cough* Nebraska *cough*) if they cannot even be their conference or even division champion.

Part II? Right now Alabama ranks No. 3 in the BCS rankings ... just behind LSU and Oklahoma State. If the Okie State Cowboys lose to ... say ... Oklahoma, then Alabama would likely move to the second spot and would be in line to face LSU in a BCS title game. How in the hell is that fair to Boise State or Stanford? Or even Oklahoma or Oregon (who could be a one-loss team)? Seriously, how could Alabama pass up undefeated Stanford or Boise State?

Think about it: Alabama got their shot at LSU. Stanford and Boise didn't. Alabama got the opportunity to play LSU ... at their place ... and couldn't get it done. No matter how "classic" the game was, it isn't fair that Alabama gets two cracks at LSU when Stanford or Boise can't.

And best of all, what if Bama plays LSU in a title game and wins? Sooooooo Alabama would be National Champions because they beat LSU on a neutral field while LSU beat Alabama at their place? They'd be tied head-to-head ... with LSU winning on the road ... yet Bama could be title holder?

So let's recap. Alabama could be national champion despite not winning its conference, its division and tying the head-to-head meeting with the No. 1 team who the lost to at home ... meanwhile losing one more game than the Pac-12 champion or a hot Boise State team.


mcobb said...

and just who are You? the BCS pits the 2 best teams at the end of the season..not anything else, nothing about anyones chances..just the best 2 teams...Roll Tide !!

d3214928-0b10-11e1-a348-000bcdcb471e said...

Obviously this guy a Stanford or Boise St fan! What kind of schedules have these two played this year compared to Alabama? And you think Oregon deserves another shot after LSU slammed their butts at a neutral site?! C'mon man, get real! It should be the 2 best teams playing for the title, which is obviously LSU & Bama. Want to know why? Cause like LSU in '07, if Bama wins out, they'll be "undefeated in regulation"! On the other hand, I hate Bama and would rather play Stanford or Boise St just to shut the critics mouths up, cause neither team can play with LSU (or Bama)! Geaux Tigers!!!

BamaFan81 said...

Well, Boise just lost. Standford is about to lose. If Okie St loses, then Bama will have definitely earned the right to be there by only losing to the no. 1 team in the nation. Not even you can deny that fact.