Sunday, September 18, 2011

UConn Wants Into ACC

Syracuse and Pittsburgh on their way to the ACC, another Big East school wants to move with them. UConn is aggressively trying to get into the ACC.

It makes sense for everyone involved. For UConn, they'd jump from the sinking Big East ship and get their name out there before the ACC attempts to go after, say, Texas and move away from the coast. They'd stay in a BCS conference in a football league that they can still compete in.

For the ACC, it adds a huge market -- New York City -- to the mix. With Syracuse already on board and Rutgers on the radar, the ACC would be the conference most associated to the Tri-State area. It would add another elite basketball program that would unquestionably make the ACC the best hoops conference again. UNC, Duke, Syracuse, UConn and Pitt??? Not too shabby. That would make UNC, Duke, NC State, Maryland, Syracuse and UConn have a combined 16 NCAA tournament championships between them.

The ACC would also further bridge the geographical gap that currently exists between Maryland and Boston College ... the conference's two northern-most schools. Adding UConn to Syracuse and Pitt would certainly do that.

This would also make the ACC the elite conference on the eastern seaboard. They would own the markets of Boston, New York, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami and Tampa. It would be THE conference of New England, New York, Virginia/Maryland, the Carolinas and split with Georgia and Florida (of the three powers in Florida, the ACC would house two of the schools).

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