Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gus Johnson to Fox? He Belongs to Everyone!

There is a rumor out there that play-by-play extraordinaire Gus Johnson could be leaving CBS and joining Fox.

While, in some aspects, it wouldn't be a huge deal -- after all, Gus would still call NFL games and get to call Pac-12 games -- it would sting to not have ol' Gus calling NCAA tournament games. CBS and Turner owns the tournament for the next decade or so, so Gus Johnson moving to Fox would rid us of those classic Big Dance lines.

I say this: Gus Johnson belongs to everyone. He doesn't work for just CBS or Fox. He works for both CBS and Fox. And ABC/ESPN. And NBC. And any channel that holds any sort of sport.

I'd love to hear Gus call the Kentucky Derby.

Or the NBA Finals.

Or every Super Bowl.

Or any hockey game.

Or the Olympics.

Or the World Cup.

Well, maybe not a golf tournament ... though we'd have to experience it at least once just to be able to process how cool it could be.

Gus Johnson could make any event exciting. A big play made in a normal game gets the red carpet treatment from Gus. We need that. We need much more of that.

So let's get the word out that Gus Johnson doesn't belong to CBS ... he belongs to the sports people of this great land.

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