Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NFL Fanhouse Bloggin'


In case you didn't know, AOL's sports blog The FanHouse has become the internet's top sports blog....and I am a part of it.

Since the site debuted last August, I have had the pleasure of writing the fantasy football coverage and ACC basketball.  The fantasy football experience was great and I completely love writing about ACC hoops.  If you would've told me that I would be paid for writing about what I love...I would have told you it was a dream.

Recently, AOL decided to consolidate the NFL coverage.  Last season, 32 writers wrote about 32 teams.  While it was great because you had a true fan of each team....not everyone was on the same page.  Certain teams were well covered while others barely had any work done.  Plus, you have 32 people doing things differently....it's hard to get any kind of consistency in the way the site worked.  So AOL cut the list down to 8 writers....seven who wrote during the 2006 season, and me who came over from Fantasy Football.

First off, thanks to Jamie Mottram for keeping me on in the NFL Fanhouse.  Last year was great...but this year will be superb!  I mean, we'll actually know what we are doing....lol.  You made another dream happen: writing about NFL football.

If you've read this site before, you know that Sundays are nothing but the NFL around this house.  In my Sportz Room, I have three TVs, two DirecTV receivers [the other TV is on local feed] and the NFL Sunday Ticket with Superfan.  From noon until 8:00pm, I sit here and just watch nothing but pigskin all day [at 8:00, I sit with my wife and watch Family Guy, Dexter and some other shows while my laptop and Slingboxfeeds me the NBC game].  And in a few weeks, I get HDTV!!!

So this is a blessing, to say the least!

So, we each got four teams.  And here is my four teams and why I chose them.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS.  Well, I've been a Redskins fan my entire life...so the chance to write for them is a dream.  I took great care in my Pigskin Assassin Blog [well, until I was caught up writing fantasy football] so transistioning over to the Fanhouse won't be much of a problem.  Washington Redskins Blog - The FanHouse

DALLAS COWBOYS.  I picked up the Cowboys because (a) I wanted either the Panthers or Bengals and they were gone and (b) I was told to Know Thy Enemy.  When I starting writing ACC hoops for the Fanhouse, I realized that writing for Duke, the hated rival of my Tar Heels, was fun.  Fun because I had to view them from a fans point of view but that I could also have some fun when times are tough.  Also, when picking up teams....you want to have something to write about.  Let's see....T.O., Jerry Jones, a new coach, Tony Romo and all the other stuff surrounding this team gives me plenty of material for the season.  Dallas Cowboys Blog - The FanHouse

MIAMI DOLPHINS.  When my pick came around again, it was between the Bears, Packers and Dolphins.  I even ran it by some friends [who advised me all three ways].  I settled on the Bears...but the guy who picked before me nabbed them.  Then, I settled on the Dolphins.  Why?  They are an interesting team that I can see myself watching on Sundays.  They have plenty of storylines and could be a team on the rise if things break their way.  Miami Dolphins Blog - The FanHouse

BALTIMORE RAVENS.  Last round....slim pickings.  I picked up the Ravens because the only NFC teams left were the Vikings and Seahawks...and they were a bit out of my range.  As for the AFC, the Ravens are in the same division as the Bengals...and Ilive in Cincinnati.  Plus, they share the same media space as the Redskins....so it may be easier on me to research.  Plus, this is a good team that could be back in the hunt next year....and it is always fun to watch teams like that go.  Baltimore Ravens Blog - The FanHouse

So, please check me out over on the Fanhouse this NFL season as I write for these four teams.  Also, if you fans of any of these teams have any topics you wish for me to discuss....please let me know. 


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irishtex51 said...

That makes a hell of alot of sense, a Redskins fan writing a Cowboys blog. I'm sure loads of Cowboys fans can't wait to get a Redskins take on their team.

And let me also mention this. Why is it most all sports bloggers HAVE to kiss each other's butt everytime you write something...???

You recognize Jamie, Jamie recognizes MJD, MJD recognizes Deadspin, and on and on it goes...You guys have qute a mutual admiration society going. But then, I know you have to give props some way...there isn't much pay to it.