Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Bar Room Games

*It is a month away from the Athens Games…and after taking a look at our USA Basketball squad, I’m not impressed. Well, I should say…I’m not interested. I’ll be watching water polo and Greco-Roman wrestling than this team made up of some great players and many very good players.

*Speaking of the “Dream Team’….if the NBA guys don’t want to go….here is my brilliant idea of who should go: Those Street ballers!!! Why the heck not??? Who wouldn’t want to see Bone Collector breaking some Serb’s ankles?? These teams pretty much just barnstorm all year long until The Rucker’s Entertainers Classic starts up in the summer. So why not pick a team and have them play a year…enter them into the Rucker as a team….and then send them to the Olympics??

*Congrats to Lance Armstrong! That is one heck of a feat….6 consecutive Tour de France’s.

*Which brings me to this….with all of the steroid rumors flying about….why does the public give Lance Armstrong to benefit of the doubt, but not Barry Bonds, Marion Jones or Tim Montgomery??

*Speaking of Bonds….the fact that he is just 73 HR away from breaking Hank Aaron’s record is mind boggling to me.

*Is Florida the sports Mecca now?? The Florida Marlins beat the Mighty Yankees in the World Series; the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup; Shaq leaves LA to join the Miami Heat; and now all of the Ricky Williams debates.

*Is it me…or do the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds play each other every day??

*I heard on the radio that there is some sort of online petition that would pressure the American Gaming Sports Blah Blah Blah something into making Poker a “sport”. What? Apparently, checkers, chess and backgammon are all already recognized.

*So, if that passes…will that be the new trend in sports?? We have the Olympics. We have the Winter Olympics. We have the X Games. We have the Great Outdoor Games. Will we soon have the Parlor and Bar Room Games!?!?! Not totally a bad idea. You can have billiards, ping pong, darts, poker, chess, checkers, that mini shuffleboard game with the salt on the table, air hockey, dominoes, craps and keno.

*Then what is next?? The Great Backyard Games like dodge ball, stickball, bike races, Smear The Queer, Pickle and Frisbee??

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jamiemottram00 said...

May I respectfully add tetherball to the list of great backyard games? They used it as a brilliant plot device in Napoleon Dynamite!